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Pipes Dsaw Pipe

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Double Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW) steel pipe is available in straight and spiral welded formats and used in a variety of applications. The submerged welding process protects the steel from contamination of impurities in the air. Both inside and outside welds are performed.

DSAW pipe can be specified in very large diameter and to exact inside or outside dimensions. Spiral Welded steel pipe is distinguished by the manufacturing process that results in a spiral DSAW seam the length of the pipe to lengths of 155 feet.


Bhumi Impex Distributor DSAW pipe (Double Submerged Arc Welded) - When it comes DSAW steel pipe and tube distributors, you will find many companies will be able to buy and sell various wall thicknesses and grades. DSAW to some pipe buyers also stands for a “Straight Seam” pipe product, with the weld being visible on the outside as well as the inside.

Most DSAW pipe manufacturing companies and distributors carry in stock and have product available to them through mill contacts DSAW carbon steel pipe in sizes ranging from 18.00” O.D through to 60.00” O.D in New, Surplus, Mill Reject and Used Steel Pipe Products.

DSAW is available in different grades depending on your application, such as, many ASTM grades and API grades. Our lengths can range from cut to length in 2 ft pieces up to 60 ft lengths. There is the availability of longer lengths in some states but not all due to transportation. End conditions are beveled, straight cut or saw cut, and torch cut. Various paint and protective coatings are available such as, Fusion Bond Epoxy, Coal Tar Epoxy, Zinc, Organic and many more.

Much like other pipe manufactured processes, the manufacturing of Double Submerged Arc Welded Pipe involves first forming steel plates into cylindrical shapes. Then the edges of the rolled plate are formed so that V-shaped grooves are formed on the interior and exterior surfaces at the location of the seam. The pipe seam would then be welded by a single pass of an arc welder on the interior and exterior surfaces. The weldied arc is submerged under flux. What can be known as an advantage for this process is that welds would penetrate 100% of the pipe wall and produce a very strong bond of the pipe.

DSAW pipe is used in many applications such as Pipe Piling, Fabrication, Utility & Oil, Sign Poles, Offshore Drilling and Production, Road Casing, Road Boring, Culverts and many more construction uses.

All Steel Pipe offers you the opportunity to find a list of manufacturers and distributors to meet your DSAW pipe and tubing product needs. Please Note: This information may not be 100% accurate, and is used for informational purposes only. Please consult your DSAW welded steel pipe supplier before starting your project.

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» Industries Serviced ( Application )

  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Petroleum, Refineries & Fertilizers
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Oil Drilling
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Boilers, Heat Exchangers & Condenser Applications
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Super Heater & Low Temperature Applications
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Mechanical Tubing & Structural Application
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Automobile Applications
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in General Engineering
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Fluid Conveyance Applications
  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe used in Bearing Steel Tube Industry


» Manufacturing phases

Rolling machines, capacity up to OD 2500 x 30 mm w.t. of Stainless Steel

Pipe Rolling
Brake presses, capacity up to 60 mm w.t. and 12 meters length

Pipe Bending
EFW processes (PAW, GTAW, SAW)
Pipe Welding
Heat Treatment
Induction furnace (continuous process) and batch-type furnaces
Pipe Heat Treatment
Made by hydraulic presses
Pipe Calibration
End Bevelling
Ends bevelling up to 60 mm w.t.
Pipe End Bevelling
Pickling and passivation baths
Pipe Pickling
According to main standards and Customer’ specifications
Pipe Marking
Pipe Packing
Standard/Custom Packing. Absolute care in handling


» Packing ( Packaging )

Pipe Rolling
Pipe Rolling

» Other Packaging information:

  • Bundle Packing
  • Wooden Case
  • Wooden Case for U Tubes
  • Reinforced by angle bar


Why us?

  • Pipes Dsaw Pipe Manufacturer & Exporter since 1995
  • The annual capacity of the plant equals about 10000 tons
  • ISO 9001:2008 (ACS Registrars-quality awareness) certified
  • We export Pipes Dsaw Pipe everywhere in the world
  • We have our own warehouse of 12,000 feet, so we can offer Pipes Dsaw Pipe best price in the market
  • We have experienced staff to match any kind of your requirements
  • We are well known reputed company for supplying such products to various Indian Government and non Government organisation

» Heilights:

  • Pipes up to 24" made in continuous production from coil
  • Pipes up to 80" made from single plates
  • Maximum thickness 40 mm

» Strength:

  • Contacts with major mills & stockists around the world.
  • Can offer ex-stock materials as well as mill delivery with nominal margins.
  • Complete in-house testing facilities viz. hydro, eddy current, UT, chemical analysis,
  • physical/mechanical, PMI, microscopic examination, etc…
  • Prime and genuine materials with co-relating original test certificates.


» Pipes Dsaw Pipe Price Chart

erw lsaw dsaw steel pipe
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

SSAW ERW DSAW LSAW API 5L Spiral welded steel Pipes Q235 X42-X60 factory mill
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

api 5l erw lsaw dsaw steel pipe
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

butt welded erw lsaw dsaw steel pipe
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

Q235B Large Diameter Low Carbon ERW LSAW DSAW Steel Pipe For Fluid Transmission
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

erw lsaw dsaw steel pipe welded pipe
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

1026 LSAW steel tubes 1040 DSAW steel pipes, 1045 carbon seamless ERW pipes
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

API 5L PSL2 X60 LSAW/DSAW steel pipe
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

Spiral welded steel Pipes SSAW ERW DSAW LSAW steel pipe factory
FOB Price: US $600-1200 / Ton

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